At Kisco Senior Living, we value your trust. Serving our residents is a badge of honor we proudly wear every day, and our number one goal is to earn your trust. Our mission is centered on providing safety and security, health and wellbeing, and quality services to foster the most vibrant and fulfilling senior living communities. The Cardinal North Hills is one of our signature examples. For more than 30 years, Kisco has provided peace of mind. To residents. To families. To associates. To you.

That’s the promise of Kisco Confidence™.

Preparation & Protection

Following the best-in-class safety protocols.

Our standards for exemplary service and care go well beyond cleanliness and security. Ongoing training prepares our associates for any outside adversity, such as weather situations, infectious disease outbreaks, and fires. We follow best in class protocols to keep our residents living a healthy, happy life. Our safety protocols provide the utmost assurance and confidence to take the worry out of living an independent and fulfilling lifestyle:

  • Environmental Health and Safety personnel onsite
  • Accushield® visitor management system for all community visitors
  • Strict adherence to all CDC guidelines and protocols
  • Ongoing high-touch/high-traffic surface cleaning throughout the day (elevators, public areas, handrails, doors, restrooms)
  • Crandall® nutritional assurance and hygiene audits
Associate behind front desk smiling as a man checks in using the accushield kiosk.
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Trust & Transparency

Honest, open, and timely communications to earn and keep your trust.

We value your trust and work hard to earn it every day. Kisco believes in integrity and transparency. We will always be up front in keeping you informed as situations change. We listen. We respond. We provide you with the confidence of knowing we will be on top of any situation that occurs:

  • Immediate and frequent communications to residents and families for any change in situations as they occur
  • Open two-way communication with our leadership team, residents, and families
  • Ongoing updates with our newsletters, Executive Director correspondence, and email notifications
  • Fully transparent and honest updates as soon as they are available

Peace of Mind

The safety and wellbeing of our residents have always been our top priority.

Safety and security have always been an integral part of our wellness philosophy – something we practice every day. It’s in our DNA, as associates have been trained to treat our residents and their family members as part of our extended family. At the top of our ongoing daily routine, our service protocols take all the worry out of living an independent lifestyle and provide the confidence of peace of mind:

  • 24/7 onsite staffing
  • Enhanced environmental protocols to ensure a healthy building
  • Ongoing training of associates to prepare and plan for unforeseen events
  • Implementation of smart room technology
  • FaceTime™ and Skype® connection with family and friends
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Safe & Sound

A safe haven designed for your comfort and emotional wellbeing.

The term safe and sound has new meaning today. At The Cardinal at North, we proactively prepare, plan, and protect against outside threats to ongoing service delivery. We follow best-in-class protocols and continue to set the standard for keeping our residents and associates comfortably safe and sound:

  • Comprehensive response protocols for emergency and disaster situations that meet or exceed all state and federal guidelines
  • Wanderguard® protection for at-risk residents at select communities
  • Personal Protective Equipment available onsite
  • Expanded telehealth availability
  • Sanitation and social distancing protocols in place for all dining and wellness areas

5 Star Lifestyle

Trained by the best in hospitality to deliver the best in 5 star service.

Our principles, values, and beliefs foster continuous improvement. We discover new technologies to better connect our families. We cultivate innovative service partnerships to improve quality. We adopt hospitality and healthcare standards to support and advance our wellness mission. Our residents and associates are the reason Kisco delivers 5-star service in everything we do:

  • First senior living company to partner with Forbes Travel® exceptional service standards and training
  • Transportation service available
  • Grocery delivery
  • Chef-prepared meals or room service from onsite restaurants
  • Technology that keeps our residents connected to family
  • Shopping service and personal errands
  • The Art of Living Well® wellness programs
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