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If you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, healthy eating and regular exercise are important, but it shouldn’t end there – wellness should really be considered more a of an overall way of life than just actions. That’s why The Cardinal at North Hills embraces this mindset every day by utilizing a holistic approach that provide residents with a variety of opportunities to live an active lifestyle and engage with the community at their leisure.

The Cardinal maintains a culture of wellness and strives to make each resident’s community experience exceptional. Offering the latest advancements in mind/body wellness, the community designs its programs to help residents improve and maintain overall health and wellness by operating on the award-winning The Art of Living Well® program.

This innovative program focuses on the Six Dimensions of Wellness as defined by the National Institute of Wellness: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, and Social.

Wellness director Ashley Stokes and her team focus on the ongoing development and implementation of creatively designed programs that promote all dimensions of wellness and engage everyone at the community. Incorporating Kisco’s The Art of Living Well® principles, the wellness team provides an assortment of programs, including fitness classes, lectures, outings, entertainment and many more high-quality experiences.

As a Kisco Senior Living community, The Cardinal at North Hills goes out of its way to inspire trust and satisfaction each day by providing peace of mind to residents, their families, and associates. Their mission centers on ensuring safety and security, promoting health and well-being, and providing high-quality services that foster the most vibrant and fulfilling senior living community in Raleigh.

This ideal was particularly integral for the community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the challenges and new realities brought on by the virus presented difficulties, they also presented opportunities, and everyone on the Cardinal team worked together to ensure the level of service never changed.

“We know that wellness means something different for everyone, and we want to enable our residents to live well on their terms,” said Executive Director Tom Ford. “Many of the incredible individuals who call our community home led long and active lives, often serving others. Now that they can take the time to slow down and take advantage of their time, it’s our pleasure to step up and help them not only live active lives, but live well.”